Dr. Synthia Andrews - Energy Awareness in the Paradigm Shift
Sahvanna Arienta - What's Your Light Quotient?
Carmen Boulter & Xaviant Haze Major Media (Finally) Gives a Nod Towards Aliens
Emily Carlin - Strange and Dangerous Creatures
Michael Clarkson - A Journalist's Perspective on the Paranormal
Michael Clarkson - The Poltergeist Case in St Catharines, Ontario
Michael Clarkson - Things that go Bump in the Day
Philip Coppens - We Were Alone Part I and We Were Alone Part II
Christophor Coppes - It Gets Better
Kirsten Dalley - Musings of a Credulous Skeptic
Dr. Bruce Goldberg - A Christmas Angel in Uniform
Caron Goode - An Exercise in Sensing Your Intuition
Caron Goode - Intelligence Paired with Intuition
Caron Goode - Tips to Help Your Intuitive Child as They Begin a New School Year
Marie D. Jones - 2012: The Countdown Begins
Marie D. Jones - Destiny vs. Choice - Who's Zooming Who
Marie D. Jones & Larry Flaxman - 11-11-11: The Dawn of a Global Gathering
Marie D. Jones & Larry Flaxman - Hidden in Plain Sight
Marie D. Jones & Dr. John Savino - Shaking All Over
Frank Joseph - B.C. means Before Columbus
Kabir Jaffe - 2011 - The Year Ahead for Indigos
Galina Krasskova - Learning to Honor the Dead
Karena Thek Lineback - "So What if I Die Out of Shape?"
Dr. Steven Manly - A Multitude of Multiverses
John McGrail - Transforming Your Life; A Simple Proposition
Cinnamon Moon - Building Your Spiritual Muscles
James A O'Kon - The Great North Georgia Maya Hoax
James A O'Kon - Maya Calendar Discovery A Game Changer for Doomsayers
Michael Pye - The Creation of a Series
Karen Ralls - Travel and Tales of the Templars
Nick Redfern - Conspiracies of the NASA Kind
Nick Redfern - In Search of the Real Men in Black
Nick Redfern - Keep Out! Secret Bases and Cosmic Conspiracies
Sonia Ricotti - Everyone can be Unsinkable in Life and Soar Higher than Ever
Don Schmitt - Breaking News Re: Roswell
Maureen Seaberg - Tasting the Universe: A Personal Experience with Synesthesia
Shanddaramon - The Process of Becoming: Understanding Personality from a Pagan Perspective
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